​Beautiful Portraits Await You!

​Once upon a time, I had a dream. That dream was to offer affordable, professional quality portraits to people just like you, and that's just what I set out to do! 
By keeping my overhead down I am able to offer you a cost effective way to have the family portraits you have dreamed of. Most of my photographs are taken out doors and no one provides a more spectacular backdrop than Mother Nature. I use minimal editing techniques so that I  can capture your family in the moment, just as they are.
​I know how much children hate having to sit still for their photos and I strive to keep a light hearted, and fun atmosphere for the whole family. Just show up dressed, and don't stress the rest.
​I can't wait to hear from you !
Jennifer Lee
I found my inspiration being a military wife and mother of 2 active little boys. The time goes by too fast. I couldn't slow it down, or freeze it in it's tracks but I could capture it even if just for a moment. Photographs serve as tangible souvenirs from passing chapters in our lives. Memories you can hold onto for a lifetime.